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green design’ sound

wireless audio-lighting device
powered by solar energy

conceived, engineered and
made in italy by AVANT*GARDE

design by
matteo bazzicalupo

design with no limits

Om is the first outdoor audio-lighting device that offers the possibility to design your own wireless sound system with no distance or battery limits, thanks to its 4 technology combination set

all-in-one outdoor
audio-lighting device

Om reproduces a monophonic omnidirectional high quality sound, connected to its source with Bluetooth 3.0 technology.
It’s weathering resistant and works up to extreme conditions, both with sound and light.
It provides a twilight environment, thanks to its 3 LED points, one every 120° of its circumference

Om’s range

from Om to infinity


receives BT 50m


receives BT 25m

send radio 100m

receives radio 100m

design a unique expandible sound experience

Om is the only system that integrates Bluetooth and radio technology
in order to design complete audio projects, overcoming distance problems and interference issues.
The multiple customization possibilities (from custom colors to innovative sandstone finishes)
expand the sensorial experience range, from sound to aesthetics, both in domestic and public environments

base finishing

via martiri della liberazione, 43126 parma – italy

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